Infuse, detox, heal the body mentally, physically and emotionally !

Infuse therapy wraps is a BBB accredited business based in Las Vegas, Nevada was born out of need for holistic health and wellness after my own surgery and recovery. Down to 90lbs, weak and desperate for something that would let my body thrive outside of unnecessary medication or rough therapy. Combining nine years as a surgical tech and my passion for holistic therapy, it brings me great joy as an empath, to give my community the benefits of infrared body wrap therapy and reiki energy massage. Looking for natural self-care or healing? This will change your life after just one try. Sessions are infused with aromatherapy, chakra energy alignment and hot towel reflexology. Fruit, alkaline water and locally grown herbal infused tea is offered during your visit.

Did You Know

  • Our reiki alignment massage uses chakra crystals charged with sage placed on the meridian of the body. Sessions begin with a scalp massage, infusing a custom made aromatherapy spray which you keep. Learn more about the benefits of Reiki massage here.

  • Aromatherapy oils are blended in house for bone pain, inflammation and soft tissue injuries.

  • Medical rates are available to assist in healing and recovery.

  • Contact us at any time here.

Here’s what a infrared body wrap looks like, book today and let us take care of you!