My journey

I discovered the powerful health benefits of infrared heat therapy and essential oils when I fell ill in 2013. After emergency surgical intervention saved me. I needed a natural holistic way to allow my body to heal free from the side effects of medication in my already weaken body. Through my health journey, my training as a certified surgical technologist and certified aromatherapist.  I can share my passion for health with you!

What are the infrared therapy wraps, how does this work?

Far infrared radiant energy (FIR) is electromagnetic frequency waves that penetrate the body’s tissues creating a catalyst for increased healing, muscle fatigue, mood elevation, pain relief, increased circulation, and energy, anti-inflammation from arthritis, fibromyalgia and endometriosis.

Is it safe for me?

Great question, the Formostar  itself is FDA cleared  therapeutic medical device since 1986 and is safe for most healthy people. There are contraindication for this therapy listed below. As with anything please consult your physician prior to starting new wellness routine.

Multiple Sclerosis - uncontrolled diabetes or neuropathy - pregnancy - uncontrolled high blood pressure - implanted pacemaker - fever - kidney malfunction - acute joint injury first 48 hrs - any active infections - lupus - cardiac condition such as palpitations or arrhythmia - claustrophobia - compromised circulatory system.

What can I expect if I have never done this before?

Six silicone pads that produce radiant infrared heat (FIR) are wrapped over your clothing.  The most common method is two pads placed on the upper arms, abdomen, torso and thighs. Pad placement is usually changed depending on the focus of the session. 

If you have added an essential oil or CBD enhancement, the mix will be applied to the area of concern prior to the wrap. Once you are wrapped and comfortable, the foot ritual with hot towel will begin. Typically people start to doze  off and let go to relax at this point.

What are the funny red marks I get sometimes after my wrap?

Those are called "heat retention marks" they typically appear around the thigh, and pelvic area. These marks are not painful at all and vanish throughout the day and are gone by the following day. It is similar to the cupping marks after a session.

Can I get tanned before or after my wrap?

Unfortunately no, this is not recommended to do more than a 50 minute infrared session back to back as this can cause a physical burn on the skin.   Energy metabolism takes time and putting to much to fast can be counter productive to your health and wellness.

How is my session customized?

When an enhancement to a wrap is added, the blend of oil is catered to your immediate concern and goal for your session. If you need recovery after sports competition or pain relief from arthritis or need to detox or sleep better for example. All oils and ratios are blended prior to your appointment specifically for you. Your custom blends are written down in your files for consistency.

Consultations prior to booking a wrap are also available to you. The price of the consultation is applied to your wrap. If you are not a candidate for the wraps, there will be no charge.

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