worried about addictive pain medication or side effects? Try infrared therapy.

Infrared heat with aromatherapy is a powerful, safe and relaxing way to fight inflammation, pain, heal faster and cleanse the body naturally. Take a look at a few of our oils we use!




Back Pain & Body aches

  • Infrared heat body wraps are a safe, natural and medication free therapy cleared by the FDA since 1986.

  • Research shows a 50% drop in pain with consistent use of infrared treatment.

Combining our infrared body wraps with natural aromatherapy improves your well being and provides immediate soothing relief without down time.

Endometriosis & PMS symptoms

Millions of women experience the monthly agony of PMS and endometriosis pain.

  • We use natural aromatherapy oils blended on site and carefully apply them to your abdomen or site of pain.

These powerful oils help fight bloating, inflammation, muscle aches and body aches from your monthly cycle.


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